• Music and Beyond
  • Music and Beyond

A symphony of the senses

Fantasies in an immersive sensory experience
for a blindfolded audience.



Experience a full course dinner served to the sounds of musical pieces which inspired each one of the dishes.

Audience members are invited to shed themselves from sensory seclusion  and to dive into the experience of fusing the senses of taste and hearing together, in order to create one whole sensuous journey.


In today's screen oriented society, eyesight is in use almost non-stop.

At work we’re in front of a screen, in transit and on breaks we’re typing text messages on our phones or browsing social media. 

Fantasies: a symphony of the senses was developed in order to give a pause from this constant effort. 

The Experience invites us to dive inwards in order to rediscover ourselves through our other senses.  It is about challenging our perception through sensory deprivation and then reconnecting. First with ourselves and then with those around us.





After a welcome drink and a short introduction, the participants will be seated at the table and blindfolded. A Chef prepared, full course dinner will then be served to the sounds of the musical pieces that inspired each one of the courses.


The blindfolds, as well as the silence in between the sounds, are a means to achieve a greater level of mindfulness through the fusion of the senses. 

Intertwined into this sensory meditation are small interactive musical and tactile challenges, meant to bring humour and intimacy to the experience, as a means of connecting the participants to each other. An epilogue to this journey is an open discussion where individual experiences can be shared, potentially  leading to greater reflection as a team. This final act enables the participants to get to know each other from yet another point of view.

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